Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Essence

"I can't believe've done it....I'm.....I'm her!!!!"
"Yes my friend, you are now the sole occupant of Diane Wetton's body...."
"But what about....her?"
"I' can I explain this so you'll understand? I've extracted that essential essence that made her who she was.....Just like I did to you an hour ago.....and now I've injected your essence into her empty are Diane now.....her body, at least. belongs to you!!!"
"And what about Diane?"
"She is captive, here in this liquid....I was going to inject her into your unused body but I wanted to know if that was what you wanted...."
" mean she could be put into my old broken down body.....the one she ridiculed....the one she said wasn't worthy of her....the one with all the chronic pain and weak heart.....oh yes I want to watch as she realizes what has happened....she'll still have all her me....she'll still know that she's Diane....even in my body?"
"Oh yes....I'm sure it will be an exquisite torture for might make her mind snap!!!"
"I was going to tell you to pour her down the drain but this will be so much better....she'll watch as I use her body to seduce and use anyone I want.....I think I'll start with her little friend Scooter, she's the most adorable little morsel and I'd love to corrupt and enslave her!!!"
"I see.....may I suggest we keep your body restrained at first!!!"
"Oh yes....absolutely.....and if she's....he's too much trouble I'll just have him committed to the state asylum....imagine a crazy old man insisting that he's really a beautiful young heiress....they'll lock the door and throw away the key!!!!"
"Yes....I agree....I think that would be a good plan...."
"And now.....what can I do for you.....I have her money now....lot's of it.....what would you like in return for your services...."
"Well, as I was developing my essence extraction process I tinkered with it a little and found that I could make subtle changes that would benefit and protect for instance if you tried to have'd find yourself quite unable to give that order.....but I'm sure you had no intentions of having anything happening to me...."
"Of course good man it never even entered my mind!!!"
"As you I thought about what a young, rich, beautiful, blonde such as yourself could offer me by way of payment.....and I think I've found something that would be mutually satisfying...."
"You can't mean...."
"Yes I can have control of her body 24 hours a day and I thought it would only be fair if I did too....come with me my dear and we'll make your first payment....the first of so many more to come!!!!"
"You!!!! You're a monster!!!!"
"It takes one to know one my dear!!!!"

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