Sunday, May 19, 2019


"Now don't be shy about's important that he is properly plugged at all times so don't be afraid of bending him over and pulling down his panties to check!!!!"
"What if he isn't....plugged....when I check?"
"Well in that case....with his panties already should give him a correction on the spot...."
"A correction?"
"Yes Dear, come with me to the bedroom and I'll show you where we keep all the paddles..."
"The paddles?"
"Yes'll be your choice which one you use and how many strokes he needs..."
"My choice?"
"Yes Dear, so what do you think?"
"It sounds like fun!!!"
"I just knew you were the right girl for the job....I might be late date has tremendous staying power!!!!"
"No problem....I'm sure your Sissy husband and I will find a way to pass the time till you get back!!!!"

1 comment:

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