Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Not Allowed

I'm not allowed to masturbate....period!
The cage prevents me from stroking my little clit and the plug prevents me from....sissygasms!!!
But lying in bed listening to my wife and her lover fuck all night is so hard....
I've abused my poor pillow so many times but I never really get the satisfaction I want....although I sometimes make a couple of drippies on it....and eventually that means I have to sleep in my own little wet spot....


  1. That is so hard when my wife is getting her brains fucked out and I can hear everything and I can't even masturbate because of my cage.

  2. I am only allowed to masturbate after I have asked for permission. I always have to kneel and masturbate as she watches. I am require to have a large spoon ready for my ejaculate to squirt into so she can immediacy feed me the semen when it is fresh and warm.

    1. Yes, on the rare occasion when she allows me to cum...by whatever method....I am always required to eat it all up! I really don't mind...in fact I've enjoyed the flavor since the very first time I tasted it...I'm pretty sure though that I have no where near the control needed to cum in a spoon....that first spurt still seems to go pretty far!!!!