Friday, July 3, 2015


"Oh my god!" he gasped!
Sissy knew she'd come untucked but didn't realize quite how visible she was! She hurriedly tucked herself back and slowly looked up to see his reaction!!!
"Wow!" he said as he looked at her!
She felt the tears coming and looked away! But he turned her head back and smiled!
He leaned in and kissed her, deeper than before! More passionately than she'd ever been kissed!!! And she felt his hand slide into her panties and begin to caress her sissy clit and she knew it was going to be alright!
She reached for his zipper and....

The rest is just between them!!!!


  1. That is such a beautiful sight! I'd be on my knees, mouth kissing the front of those panties, and working my way up to that oh so sweet looking head. In less than a minute, I'd have her in my mouth, and I'd be working on getting a thick, tasty, load of girl juice!