Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Kidnapped!!!

This new maid was a miracle worker! As he looked into the mirror he could see no trace of his male self!!!! As he thanked her he heard her gasp!!!
"Hands up ladies, be quiet and cooperate and no one gets hurt!!!"
The men had guns pointed at them and both of them froze!!!!
"You must be the Missus! You're going to be coming with us...", he pointed at the terrified maid, "you too sweetie!"
He didn't dare say anything for fear that his manly voice would give him away!!!
"Don't you girls worry," said the gunman.
Gesturing toward me he said, "As soon as we get $50,000 from your husband we'll let you go!"
He smiled an evil smile, "Of course I'd be just as happy if he let me keep you! I think we'll get to know each other much better in our time together! Now let's go!!!"
He felt the maids shaky hand slide into his as they were led to the waiting car!!!

Later when his wife opened the envelope addressed to her husband she was shocked to read a ransom demand for his wife's safe return!!! Showing it to the detective he told her it was obviously some kind of hoax and she should just ignore it!!!
After her husband and the new maid were missing for several days she knew that they had run off together and in her anger she cleaned out all of their joint accounts, emptied the safe deposit box, put the house up for sale and left town to start a new life!!!
The ransom notes piled up, unopened, for another week or two before they stopped coming!!!