Friday, July 17, 2015


"Okay Sis we've sold 700 boxes of cookies! You were right I guess....all we had to do was take off our clothes and they just bought and bought! So let's go home and you can use that spell to change me back!!!
"Yeah Bro, well about that, we have one more guy to see! He promised to buy 1000 boxes if he can pop a girl scouts cherry!"
"You'd do that just to sell cookies!!!"
"Bro, I did that for a ride home years ago!"
"But then how....who..."
That's where you come in Bro! You've only been a girl for a few hours so I thought you' know..."
"Holy Shit Sis! What do you want me to do? What are you getting me into???"
"Look on page 37 and you'll see what he wants you to do!"
"Oh My God!!!!!"
"C'mon Bro! Pretty please!!!!"
"If it's that important to you..."
"When I change you back I'll show you how much I appreciate this!"

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