Thursday, July 30, 2015

Best Ever

"This is the best blowjob I've ever gotten baby! Your roommate is a blowjob queen!!!"
"She is good isn't she?"
"Oh yeah, best I ever had!"
"That's one of the reasons I married him!!! She's my husband!!!"
"Oh my god...your husband sucks cocks for you!!! That's so gay!!!!"
"Do you want him to looks like you're really enjoying it?"
"I don't know....I oh my god...."
"I was only going to let him get you hard and wet and then I was going to fuck you but I think it would be better if she makes you cum! You can sort out your opinions while you're pumping your cum into my husbands' mouth!!!! Kaaren....he's all yours!!!!"


  1. Wait until the word spread around that there's a sissy husband available. He'll have his hands full. Not so much his hands as.... Well, you know.