Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sissies Through History - Silent Movies

The silent era produced some interesting Sissy movies including the rarely seen "But She's My Husband!"
The pivotal scene was when the evil landlord decided to take sex in exchange for the overdue rent and was discovered in the act by the wildly over-emotive wife!
The dialogue cards were pretty explicit for their time!!!
"Oh my god Landlord Stevens!!!! What are you doing to my husband!!!!"
"Your Husband!!!! But he was wearing a dress!!!! I thought he was you!!!!"
"But my husband is a shameful Sissy!!!! He always wears a dress!!!!"
"I don't believe you, let me feel under here....oh my god it IS your husband!!!!"
"You've collected your rent now leave!!!!"
"But I owe you some change!!!! Give me a minute to pay a little back!!!!"
"Oh my goodness!!! What next???"
Fade to black,
A film not to be missed if you can find it!!!!


  1. Awesome video find, and well written blurb too!

    1. Sometimes I seem to get lost in the past....I don't know why....