Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How's It Going

"So how's it going with your new boss?"
"Ms Tompkins is pretty strict! I can't seem to get through a day without her putting me over her knee for one thing or another!"
"I can sympathize, my old boss was a spanker! Made it hard to sit and type up reports!!!!"
"Your new boss doesn't spank you!!! You're so lucky!!!!"
"Ms Johnston has different ideas about how I should serve her! I spend a lot of my time on my knees under her desk! At least she let me put pillows under there for me to kneel on!!!"
"Sounds dreamy to me, Sweetie!
"I know it sounds good but by the end of the day my jaw and tongue are so tired I can barely take care of business at home if you know what I mean!!!"
"I know! My bright red ass makes just about every position uncomfortable!!!"
"Oh well, I have to get back to the grind!
"Me too, meet me for a beer after work?"
"Sure Bill! See you there!"
"See you later George!"


  1. Hey GF loved your blog for years as do I so adore the submissive sissy stiff as would so love to find a FLR in real life. Working on being me n whenever possible getting me it there more is a God thing. Hoping all is well in your world

    1. All is well Sweetie! Glad you like my silly blogs I do my best!!!