Saturday, July 25, 2015


On my knees! He pulls my cheeks wide apart exposing my most secret place!!!! His thumb brushes my hole and sends thrills through my body!!!!
Across the room she is fastening her strap-on around her hips!!! It's so big I can't believe it will fit!!!!
He asked for this....he wanted to see her fuck her Sissy husband and she quickly agreed for both of us!!!
I was nervous and excited as he leaned over and whispered to me, "Maybe I'll take sloppy seconds Sissy! I bet you'd like that!"
His thumb brushed my tender opening again as she spread lube over her big black cock!!!
She passed him the bottle and as he lubed me I almost came....but I was able to hold on!!!! That was for her!!!! If I was going to cum it should be while I had her cock inside me!!!!
Maybe later it would be for his cock inside me but that was later!!!!
Now it was time and he held me open as she stepped behind me!!!!
A moment of pressure!!!! A moment of pain!!!! Then the pleasure........

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  1. Kinky! I know a couple of women I'd love to use that as a script lol