Tuesday, July 28, 2015


"Okay Sissy one last lick!"
"But you said I could..."
"I said you could invite your Sissy friend over for a blowjob and now you've sucked her cute clit!"
"But she hasn't....and I haven't...."
"Sissy I said a blowjob, that's singular....and I never said anything about either one of you cumming!!"
"Go get the cages Sissy and I'll let you lock each other in, I'll be checking those locks Sissy so no cheating!!!"
She was amused at the pouts and groans from the two sissies but it all made her so wet!!!


  1. Making the sissies lock each other back in their cages. What an effective practice that would be.

    1. Throne sweetie I love that you focused on the most humiliating part of the post!!! That sentence was the key to the whole thing!!!!
      Glad to know someones mind is as twisted as mine!!!!