Sunday, July 12, 2015

Garden Party

The guests glasses were empty and the hors d'ourves trays were filled with only napkins and toothpicks!!!! The guests were grumbling and Mistress was furious!!!! When she found those maids they were going to feel the strap on their cute little bottoms!!!! And she would let the guests watch!!!!
Not far away the Sissies knew that they risked punishment but Kaaren and Leeanne had waited so long for this opportunity that any punishment would be worth it!!!!


  1. I;m sorry if I got you in trouble sweet girl Usually, it's the other way around. But I just had the hots for your sweet ass the moment my wife sent me over to help at this party. Spanking be damned!

    1. Well you know I'm always willing to kiss it and make it all better!!! Maybe I'll kiss it a few times even if she doesn't spank us!!!!