Sunday, July 12, 2015


I sat in the booth continuously pulling down on the hem of my dress while she flirted shamelessly all around the club! While I'm sitting, afraid of someone glimpsing my panties, she's moving through the crowd making panties wet!!!!!
I know she had some fun with other girls in college and maybe a time or two since then but god how it hurt in my cage when I watched that woman attempt to pick her up at the bar!!!!
Later when she sat with me she told me she would have invited her home but she just knew that I ate her pussy better than she would!!!!
I couldn't wait to get her home and prove she was right!!!!!


  1. It's great when our wives let us know we're the one, isn't it sweet Kaaren.

    1. She let's me know in so many ways!!! This has to be one of the hottest!!!!!