Tuesday, July 21, 2015

He Said No

When I told her lover that just putting on panties always made me hard, since that first pair so long ago, he told me that it wouldn't do the same to hime!!! He said he was "all man" and the girly stuff was for sissies like me!
So I offered him a bet! I'd pick out some pretty panties for him and if he got hard he'd let me suck his delicious cock and if he didn't get hard I'd have to suck his delicious cock!!! I know...I know...I'm a slut for nice cocks ....what can I say!!!!
When she left for work and it was just us I pulled out the silky lacy panties and as I slid them up his legs I knew already that I'd won the bet!!! He was sooooo hard he was practically dripping!!!!
"So I guess I win!"
"Alright Sissy, they do feel nice....really nice but now you get to suck my cock!!!"
"I could do that or I could go get the matching bra and garterbelt  and some pretty stockings and we could make a day of it!!!!"
"Well what about my blowjob?"
"Wouldn't you rather think of it as the first blowjob of the day?"
"Will you tell your wife?"
"Probably, but she likes her men in panties! She married me after all!!!!"
"Let's do it Sissy, I want to try it!!!"
"In a moment, let me get that cock, I want to try it!!!!!"


  1. Oh wow! We really need to get some brain scans done on you Kaaren. Where in the world are you coming up with these wacky scenarios? Love! Love! Love!

    1. If you scan for brains let me know if you see any!!!
      Not so wacky...I really believe that most men, given the right incentive, would jump at the chance to wear pretty lingerie!!!