Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Her boyfriend picked me up at home and now we were on our way to pick up my wife before we went to dinner! She told me he had asked her specifically to leave the cage home tonight.
"Why would he ask you that?"
"I don't know Sissy but you better be on your best behavior, you just do as you're told and maybe you'll be able to sit comfortably when we get to the restaurant!"
When I got into the car the first thing he asked me was if I was wearing panties!!!
"Of course I'm wearing panties...especially without the cage they help me keep....things under control!"
"Take them off and leave them on the floor!" he ordered.
With her instructions echoing in my brain I did as I was told!
"Pull up your dress and spread your legs!"
I was kind of enjoying the way this was going so far when I felt his hand wrap around my clit and stroke it a few times!!!
"Y'know Sissy, ever since I was young I've always wondered what it would be like to hold another man's cock in my hand! It's a funny feeling! I wish it was bigger cause it's probably the only one I'm ever going to touch!!!"
"I'm sorry! It's really not much!!!"
"It's not much of a cock Sissy but then you're not much of a man are you?"
He gave me a little stroke and a little squeeze before returning his hand to the wheel, leaving me with no panties, legs spread, dress pulled up around my hips and rock hard just as we pulled up in front of my wife!!!

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