Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Lost at Sea

How could this happen!!!! His wife had decided she'd had enough of his Sissy ways!!!! She'd stormed off leaving him dressed in her clothes and fully made up!!!! Just as he reached for the zipper on his dress to change and go after her he'd heard the explosion!!!!!
Before he even knew what was happening he was being swept along with hundreds of panicking people! And then he was in the water!!!! He saw others and he saw the fins!!! The sharks were in a feeding frenzy and one after another the people disappeared in a cloud of blood red water!!!
He swooned as he realized he was going to die when he was suddenly grabbed by huge powerful arms and pulled to safety on a nearby island!
Opening his eyes he realized it was the brute from the engine room that he had dismissed days before that had saved him!!!!
He hoped the brute didn't recognize him but after they both caught their breath he told him!!!!
"You are my woman now!!! That's the only reason I saved you!!!! Unless you'd feel more at home with the sharks!!!!"
Realizing his fate he sank to his knees and accepted his destiny!!!!!

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