Monday, August 14, 2017


Her big brother didn't seem so big now....when he stepped out onto the patio in her other bikini she couldn't help but laugh!!!!
He blushed a delightful shade of red....
"Please don't make me do this!!!"
"I thought you'd enjoy it you big looked like you were enjoying wearing my panties when I took your picture!!!!"
"Please....I'll never do it again....please!!!!"
"Bro, you just sit in that lounge chair and work on your tan....till I say you're done!"
She laughed again....with his fair skin his tan lines would mark him as a sissy for the rest of the summer whether he liked it or not!!!!


  1. I know that feeling so well except my wife has made me go to the public beach in a 2 piece pink bikini as part of a punishment.

  2. Delicia linda,bem gostosinha essa gata,que tesão,beijos....