Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Dark Desires

In the age of wizards one would do well to take great care in expressing their darkest desires!!!!
When the wizened old man had come to thew court of the Prince many had laughed when he said he could grant them their darkest desire.....
Several had challenged him and had their deepest fantasies fulfilled.....
Gwain had found himself the sole male on an island of rapacious virgins....he ended his days a truly happy man!!!!
Rither's dream was to be a King.....and he was a King in a world of men.....and only men....and he ended his days a truly happy man!!!!"
"And what for you my Lord Prince? What do you wish to be above all else in your darkest have but to think it and it shall become true!!!!"
The Prince sat....eye to eye with the wizard.....only for a moment......
"Nonsense!!!!, I have everything a man could dream of.....guards....take this old fool away and lock him alone in the deepest dungeon!!!"
"Too late my Lord Prince.....your desires burn so bright that I would have to be blind not to see them...."
And suddenly the world swirled around him.....his head swam.....but when it all settled....his darkest desire had been fulfilled....he was a young Princess....a really young Princess.....far, far too young for the dreams he had.....
And as he looked around in a panic the old wizard was there laughing.....
"Yes my Lord.....excuse Lady'll have some years to go before you can become the debauched slattern you dreamed that time I'll be your tutor....."
"What kind of tutor???" the young Princess demanded....surprised at the sound of her voice!!!!
"The only kind a "girl" like you will ever need my sweet little Princess!!!"

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