Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vacation Day 3

I looked back to where she stood in the doorway....
"Aren't you coming with me?"
"I'm sorry Sissy, I just remembered I have to make a go on downstairs and wait for me in the lounge...."
"In the lounge....all by myself?"
"Honestly Sissy, I'll be very surprised if you're all by yourself for go...I'll be along in 10 or 15 minutes!!!"
"But I...."
"Go, Sissy. go right now!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


  1. Dressed like that, he'll get picked up in the first 5 minutes

  2. Now, the question is, did she set the sissy up . . . and does she honestly expect her to be there when she makes it down? :)

  3. I'd be surprised if he even makes down to the lounge.

  4. Probably be on his second blow-job by the time Mistress gets down