Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Evolution

"Be careful Mara, they still have males on this world!"
"They have males mean loose in the wild!!!"
"Believe it or not they're dominant here!!!!"
"Holy could it be?"
"It doesn't matter....we need to bring an acceptable virile specimen back with us....unfortunately we need their seed to assure the next generation..."
"What do you suppose happens to them after they've been used?"
"Honestly Mara....however did you graduate to the corps without knowing basic biology....of course they're taken and transformed into females....what other use could we possibly have for one of them...."
"Have you ever seen one of them? I mean with their....what do you call it....pepis, pebis, whatever....have you ever seen one!!!"
"Yes Mara, I was stationed at a breeding station and I saw so many of them....most of them are nothing much...but occasionally there was one that was just...."
"Just what?"
"Hush Mara.....I hear our target coming...."

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