Wednesday, August 9, 2017

She Got Hers....

.....and now I get reward is to share in her pleasure....


  1. Kaaren,

    This is my most secret fantasy! It's the dream I'm dying to live out! Me, with a woman and a shemale. I'd lick her to get her nice and hard, then put it into her lover, then lick them both clean as a whistle when they were done.

    I've been with two shemales at the same time, and it is amazing. But, this scenario to me would be the next level up. I love licking ladies, and doing like this, after she took her lover, would be wonderful. Then to hear her say, "Lick her cock clean too!" Or to have her push it in my mouth.......I'd probably wet myself the second that head passed my lips!

    Joe D. Footsniffer

    1. Oh, that sounds dreamy (and creamy)!

    2. See....this is why I missed you so much Joe!!!!