Tuesday, August 15, 2017


You should be mindful of what you face when you travel....
"Alright Sir.....what is that?"
"Ummmm....that's called a chastity cage...."
"And what is it for?"
"Well....it's to make sure that I don't get any unauthorized erections...."
"I see it has a padlock....could you please remove the device for inspection?"
"Well....you see.....about that.....I.....ummmm....I don't have the key to remove it...."
"You don't have the key to remove the device that's locked onto your genitals?"
"No I don't....is there somewhere more private we could go....people are staring!!!"
"Who has the key Sir?"
"My wife has one of them and her personal assistant has the other...."
"So two women have the keys to the device that prevents you from having erections....is that right Sir?"
"Yes!!! Can we please go somewhere else....please,,,,"
"Did you put the device on yourself or did someone else out it on you?"
"My wife put it on me.....please....maybe I could talk to your supervisor?"
"That's all right Sir you may proceed.....you are cleared to board!!!"
"Thank god!!!"
"But I want you to know that I am required to notify all of the flight attendants that you have something unusual in your pants and you must submit to their inspection at any point during the flight!!!"
"Oh my god!!!!"
"Have a nice flight Sir!!!!"

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  1. That happened to me once. I forgot all about my steel chastity cage and when I went through security I got pull aside. I was taken into a room and I had to take my pants off and pull down my panties. I was so embarrassed.