Saturday, March 9, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Spellbound

"Have you found the spell yet Brian?"
"No, I haven't and if you keep asking me every two minutes...."
"C'mon Brian, this was all your idea....I have a date tonight  and I can't go like this!!!"
"Hey you all said you wanted to try it...."
"But you said you could change us back!!!!"
"Hey I'm trying....why don't you all calm down!!!!"
"Calm down!!!! Are you fucking kidding me....look at me I've got bigger tits than my girlfriend!!!!"
"Yeah and you're better looking than her too!!!!"
"Goddammit....cut out that kind of talk!!!!"
"Hey Danny, cool it Buddy....we all want to change back...."
"I wish we'd never found that stupid book!!!!"
"Hey does anybody know how to put one of these on....I can't get it right...."
"Yeah I'm having problems of my own....these things should come with instructions!!!"
"I am usually pretty good at getting them off but, to be honest, I never really paid much attention to any of the girls when they were putting them back on...y'know...."
Hey I think I've got it....yeah this is the spell that will change us back for sure....Thank looks really simple and five minutes we'll all be guys again!!!!"
They all looked at each other....then at the book....
"Well maybe we don't have to change back right away...."
"Yeah maybe we can just be chicks for a day and see how it is...."
"I was thinking that's ladies night at the club and we could drink for free..."
"I'm in if one of you will PLEASE help me get this thing on the right way!!!!"
"OK, mark the page Brian and we'll do it first thing tomorrow!!!"
"OK guys!!!"
As the night went by the spells power increased and by the morning no one remembered the four boys....but everyone remembered the four girls....they were the biggest sluts in town!!!!!


  1. Ahhh. good old fashioned 70's to early 80's tits! Just the way I liked them when I was growing up with a VCR player in my room!

    Fun to see you working with moving GIF's now too!

    1. Thanks soon as I saw this I said....Hey I've seen this movie before a long time ago!!!! After that it just wrote itself!!!!