Saturday, March 2, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Necronmicon

"Please Professor Lovecraft, you're my only hope....I'm sure in the library here at Miskatonic all these books of ancient lore....there must be a spell or some arcane knowledge...that would change me back to the man I once was!!!!"
"You were wise to seek me out Miss Carter....or Mr. Carter if you prefer....the secret lies in the very book that you used so unwisely....the Necronomicon holds the answers you seek!"
"No!!! That book did this to me!!!! I used the incantation to allow me to have what I wished for and before I knew it I was a girl....not even a woman....but a young girl...and I had so many urges....terrible urges to do unspeakable things....I wanted men to do.....things to me....things no girl could possibly desire....please, please Professor Lovecraft....please help me!!!"
"Calm down Dear....let me look through the book and see firstly where you went wrong and then we'll see if there's a way to put it right again!!!!"
She began to turn the pages of the ancient tome as her visitor fidgeted in her seat....she certainly was a cute little thing....she couldn't help noting the look of total lust that she had when the old groundskeeper walked by....she smiled and wondered what old Mr. Dyer would do if this girl got him alone!!!!
Finally she looked up from the book and smiled...
"I see that you must have mistakenly used the dark spell that grants your darkest secret wish instead of this one that granted you the ability to make a wish of your ask you really and truly want to undo this....this new life of yours that apparently is what you want and desire most in your are a very pretty young girl and you could have quite a life living out your deepest dream....after all Ms. many get an opportunity like this?"
"No please....I don't care what it says in the book....I never wanted to be like this....I never wanted to be men....I always loved women and I want to feel that again....I want to be like I was....please!!!!"
"If that's what you want then I'm sure I can help you....the spell I need is right here and it's pretty straightforward...I'm so glad you came to me because it's in the language of the Old Ones....and a slight mispronunciation or mistake can change the outcome completely...are you ready now? Or would you like me to call in some of my male colleagues so you could have one last hurrah...."
" it now.....I'll be forever in your debt if you lift this curse from me!!!"
"Yes, you will...."
The professor began reading from the book in a language not heard on this earth for many millennia....there were flashes and sparks and the booming sounds of something....something from another place.....powerful jolts went through his body as if energy from another dimension was molding him....changing him....
It built up as the professors voice rose to be heard over the whirlwind of energy that surrounded him....until finally....with a crash and a loud roar of protest the professor slammed the book closed and everything went black....
When he came to he could tell by the shadows in the room that hours had passed...the professor was there standing near him leafing through another ancient book....
"Ah you're awake....I must say you scared me for a moment....I thought I might have been a little too late in closing the spell....I thought they might have gotten your soul...."
"I feel different....but I'm still a girl....what can it be...."
"Yes you are still an adorable young girl....the Old Ones refused to change you back....they were quite adamant about it.....but they did allow me to change you back in some ways....."
"What do you have I been terrible curse has not been lifted!!!"
"Look out the window....see the young men moving across the Quad...all very young and virile young men....dozens of does that make you feel?"
"I....I don't feel the need anymore.....thank god the insanity is gone....the sick perverted desires are no longer there.....oh thank you Professor!!!! Thank you!!!!"
"Now Miss look at me and tell me how you feel...."
The familiar feeling of desire came back...increased tenfold as he looked at her....he was suddenly on his knees crawling toward her as he pulled at his clothes...
"What have you done to me....oh my god I've never felt anything like this before...."
Well that spell was a twofold removed your desire for men from you and allowed me to have what I wanted most....remember what you're forever in my debt....and I intend to collect from you in as many delicious ways as I can devise....and there are some things in these books that I've always wanted to try and now my sweet little slave girl I can indulge myself for the rest of my life!!!!"
His cry of despair was muffled as he slipped up under her dress....
"Yes," the professor gasped, "Yes....just like that!!!"

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