Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saturday Matinee - It's a Wonderful World

So did your mission go?"
"You know Joseph....I appreciate the wings and all but maybe I shouldn't go on these kind of missions anymore!!!!"
Why saved George didn't you?"
"Yeah I saved him....."
"Tell me about it ..."
"I found him in a bar...he was drunk and in deep despair like you had warned me and I thought I could do that whole "if you had never been born" thing with him, but I realized that wasn't what he needed at all...this was something else entirely!!!"
"George had always been picked on....he was small and the other boys made his life miserable....he had always wished he was a girl.....none of the boys picked on the girls..."
"He wanted it so much that he used to wear his sisters clothes when no one was home....but at the same time he won awards as a runner on his high school track team and inspired dozens of others to compete....including a couple of Olympian Medal winners!!!!!"
"He saved a boys life and that boy went on to become a very influential politician!!!!"
"He fought against the corruption and bias in his local police department and was instrumental in the changing policies that made his town better for everyone!!!!"
"But through it all he wished he'd been a girl....."
"So I thought the best strategy would be to show him how different his world would have been if he actually had been born a would show him how much he had made a difference...."
"And did it work Clarice?"
"Well yes and no.....I showed him how his sister used to share her clothes with him....and how instead of inspiring any athletes he wasn't interested in sports....those Olympic medals went to those darn Soviets! I showed him that without him being there to do CPR that boy died and a corrupt machine put a man in the Senate....a man who wasn't fit to be a street sweeper!!! I showed him how the local police were as bad or maybe even worse than the criminals in town!!! I showed him all of this...."
"And he saw the light Clarice?"
"Not exactly.....he decided it was all worth it...."
"He did what???"
"Yeah Joseph, he said to screw it all......he changed his name to Violet....he said he was finally happy....and he thanked me for the gift I had given him...."
"But surely you should have stayed with him....gotten him to see...."
"Joseph....when I left him he was naked and spread eagle on the pool table in the back room of Martini's Bar & Grill taking on all comers and screaming "Thank You" over and over....I doubt I could have done anything except maybe change him back....and then we'd be right back where we started...."
"So what are you doing right now Clarice?"
"I'm just gonna walk down to the next bar....have a smoke.....have a couple of drinks....maybe pick up a couple of guys....and enjoy this Wonderful World just like George!!!"
"I understand Clarice....come and see me when you get back!!!!"


  1. So well done! A post modern classic version of the tale, still only topped by probably Married With Children.

    1. That was my favorite version of the story too!!! I still miss Sam Kinison!!!
      Thanks for the support as always Dee!!!