Monday, March 18, 2019

Visible Panty Lines

We all worry about them don't we?
I happened to be in a shop today where the young cashier was wearing leggings and a shirt not long enough to cover her beautiful little bottom.....and she had very clear panty lines that caught my much as I tried I couldn't look away...and a million thoughts ran through my head.....I know enough about women to know that she knew she had a visible panty line....find me one woman who doesn't check her rear view in a mirror before she left her rare as a unicorn!!!!!

So she knows what she's she doing it on purpose? I've found that women rarely allow anything to show wife has actually instructed me on how to show just what you want to be seen to just who you want to see I can only say that she knows exactly what everyone is seeing and that's exactly what she wanted!!!!

Does she want me to look.....duh.....if she didn't want me to look she would have made sure there was nothing to look at!!!!!

Does it mean she's an exhibitionist? I don't's as close as you can get to walking outside in just your panties.....

I love to see it although I can sometimes forget things I'm supposed to be doing....I love to walk along admiring a cute girl with a VPL showing that we share our love of bikini panties.....I prefer the full bottom coverage and who wants a string up their ass....really!!!!

What do I wonder about when I can plainly see her panties through her clothes?
Two things.....
I wonder what color her panties are....I don't know why....I just do!!!!
And I wonder how many times I've had people spot my VPL in public? I'm usually pretty careful about it know....sometimes you like to let them see a bit more!!!!


  1. Speaking for myself, I think you've completely missed the point. If you were talking about a glimpse of stocking tops, or the outline of my garter straps (and yes, I do wear these on occasion) I would agree with you. But VPL - I just don't care. I'm not being an exhibitionist, nor am I trying to tease any male whose path I might cross. I just don't care. I don't see it as a sex thing. And I believe I'm probably speaking for many women. As the saying goes: this post says more about you...

    Ms Christine

  2. Yes I don't care if my panty lines shoe either. I wear panties all the time with my leggins and I know they show sometimes.

  3. I feel It'S pretty sexy & wonder what color they are !

    1. Me too!!! I always try to imagine the color if I can't see it!!!

  4. Что ты скажешь о "верблюжьей лапке"?