Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Babysitter

"Your wife left me in charge and told me to do as I like.....well this is what I like!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
"Damn right "Yes Ma'am" after I'm done I want you to go upstairs and put on one of your frilliest sissy nighties....oh yes your wife told me all about it.....and then come back down and you can meet my boyfriend when he gets here...."
"Your.....your boyfriend is coming here???"
"Oh yes're going to have quite the night....none of my other babysitting clients have ever given me absolute control before and I think I'm going to enjoy this and maybe you will too!!!!"


  1. That's like me. My wife gets me a baby sitter when she goes away for a weekend or a week long vacation. Usually it's her mother or her sister and they have total control over me. When it's time for my bath they come into the bathroom and unlock my chastity and stay right there while I shave my body and watch to make sure I don't touch myself. Then they shave my back then I get up and shower off all while they watch me. When I am finished I get out and they dry me off then I'm told to put my hands on my head while they wash my chastity cage then it's put on me and locked up. I think both my mother in law and sister in law really enjoy locking me up. They also have the full right to spank and punish me any way they see fit while they are in charge. Sometimes they both come over to baby sit me until my wife gets back.