Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Vist Home

I heard her car pull into the driveway and a few minutes later I heard her slam the door!!!!
When she came into the room she was obviously angry and she was yelling into her phone!!!!
"Send the pink bus immediately....I want this sissy slut out of my house....I swear to god if it wasn't for his huge trust fund and that damned pre-nup I had to sign, I'd dump his sissy ass on a street corner to work like the whore you've turned him into...."
"Yes of course I know I sent him to you to turn him into a sissy slut!!!!"
"Yes I know....I know....but I didn't expect him to be of a slut....for some reason my boyfriend can't keep away from him!!!!"
"No of course I don't want to enroll my boyfriend....he's mine!!!!"
"Never mind!!!! just send the bus right away!!!"
She turned to glare at me....
"I told sucking....I told you over and over....and now look at you!!!"
"But Sweetheart.....I haven't touched his beautiful cock with anything other than my hands...."
"Oh!!!! Just go pack your bags and get your hands off his cock!!!!"
"I still have a little while till the bus gets here...can I just finish here....I hate to leave him like this...."
"Oh don't you worry about that Sissy....I'll take care of that once you're on your way back to Sissy School!!!"

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  1. I dnot know why the woman was so pissed let the sissy do all the work so her boyfriend will be big and hard for you. and don't let the sissy out of her cage and she will be begging you buy the third day