Friday, March 1, 2019


We've played the blindfold game before....
"It's someone you know well Sissy....someone who you see all the time...someone who confided in me how much they wanted to fuck you....maybe you'll guess who it is....maybe you won't.....but I'm sure you're going to enjoy it!!!!"
This time was different....this time it was a woman....and she fucked me hard....but she never made a sound....and I can't imagine who it every woman I see could be the one that made me squirm beneath her.....the one that made me moan and squeal like a little sissy bitch....every time a woman smiles at me I'll wonder if it was her!!!!


  1. I love that fantasy - never knowing, always wondering, maybe hoping for a sign or a signal, and (of course) being excited for the next time.

  2. What a lovely image. I could enjoy the idea of being smiled at and not knowing but remembering the joy.