Monday, March 11, 2019

You Belong

"What are you doing in my room, you better not be looking through my panty drawer again! Remember what Dad said! He'll send you to Military School!"
"Honest Sis I wasn't doing anything...."
"Okay," she said as she pulled open the drawer, "Hey wait a minute....where's that new pink thong I just got...I was going to wear that on my date with Robbie tonight!"
She looked and saw him blushing!
"Oh my're wearing it aren't you? You little sissy! Take down your pants right now or I'll call Dad and he can check!"
He slowly opened his pants and as they fell it revealed the tiny, lacy pink thong pulled snugly against him!
"You little shithead! Get that off right now and you go wash it out in the sink! It better be dry by the time I want it tonight!"
Blushing furiously he slowly pulled it down! She bent closer to see and laughed!"
"Hey Bro, wait, pull it back up! If that's all you've got then you really belong in panties! Pull them up, they're a gift to from me to my new little sister!!!"

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