Friday, March 8, 2019

Going Out Tonight

"Sissy , I have a date tonight so don't make anything for dinner...."
"Yes Ma'am..."
"He's bringing a put on something pretty...."
"Am I going out with you???? Is this a double date!!!! I know just what I'll wear!!!! Does he know about me? I can't wait!!!!!"
"Yes you're going out with could call it a double date if you like....I'll pick out what you're going to wear Missy....And finally he knows all about you and he's dying to know if what he's heard is true!!!!"
"I'm sure I'll keep him happy Sweetheart...
"I'm sure both of the boys will go home happy tonight Sissy....c'mon let's go pick out your wardrobe for tonight!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


  1. Oh so nice! I love sucking cock with my wife!

  2. Remember, you lose an hour of cock-sucking on Saturday night!