Saturday, January 5, 2019


After he left both of us collapsed in the bed from exhaustion....he had been wonderful to both of us and I had lost track of who was using my mouth or which of them was fucking me....pulled into their arms while he gave her orgasm after orgasm....pulled into their arms as he gave me a sissygasm that I would remember for a long, long time!!!!
He thought my chastity was funny....but he thought everything about me was funny....but he wasn't shy about using don't know how really rare that is....he kissed her goodbye when he left but I got no kiss, nor did I really want one....but I got a resounding slap on my ass....and he laughed as he left....but I didn't feel the humiliation I would normally feel....this time I felt like it was not just her lover that left but mine also....and we fell asleep just as we were.....cleanup would have to wait for the morning!!!!

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