Friday, January 4, 2019

Wake Up Kaaren

"Kaaren.....wake up Kaaren...."
"Huh.....what.....who are you?!?!?"
"I'm your Guardian Angel, Kaaren, I watch over you to make sure you're happy and safe!!!"
"Oh really?"
"Yes and I've come to offer you the one time chance of allowing you to swallow my heavenly cum!!!"
"Just this once.....really!"
"Yes's a one time offer...."
"So after I suck your little cock and taste your heavenly cum do you want me to walk you home Trisha?"
"If you wouldn't mind Kaaren!!!"
"It's alright....this was a cute idea....let me help you pull that tape off that's holding those wings...."
"Do you mind.....I like the idea of being an Angel getting sucked by a naughty Sissy..."
"Sure Sweetie....."

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