Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Alien Worlds

 "Don't try to struggle Buster, Scraps isn't very patient when he's caught his prey!"
"Who are you? Release me at once....I've come to rescue my shipmate Dr. Alexander Zarkov!!!!"
"I prefer Alexis now Buster....why don't you tell me the real reason you returned here?"
"Alexis??? What do you mean.....aaaargh!"
"I suggest that you don't get excited....Scraps has been very protective of me since you abandoned us here...."
"What? This can't be Scraps.....Scraps was that little mongrel that I.....owwww!!!!"
A growling voice whispered into his ear....
"Little Mongrel.....who is little Mongrel now....."
"You see Buster Scraps has changed just as much as I have....why have you returned?"
" rescue you!!!!"
"You mean you came back to save us after you loaded the ship full of diamonds and left us here all those years ago...."
"It was an accident.....owwww"
"Kill him now Mistress Alexis?"
"Not just yet's funny when I think of that time Buster.....there was so much none of us understood about this place....these know to them those diamonds were just sparkly rocks....nothing special....they could be found almost everywhere...that's why they didn't understand why you would fill all the cargo holds with them....why you would leave and abandon us here....but they were loving and accepted Scraps and I and took us in and made a home for us...."
"But what happened to you??? How did you become a woman???? How did that little mongrel.....owwwwww!"
"I strongly suggest you be more polite to Scraps as he, quite literally, holds your life in his hands!!!"
"I'm sorry, but how...."
"If you hadn't run off....if you had stayed you'd have found that this race has discovered the secrets that humanity may never find.....they have the power to change you into whatever you desire....and I have always wanted to be a for Scraps, well we didn't know what he wanted....he baffled their greatest scientists....and it was decided to use their knowledge and technology to give him what he wanted without knowing what that was....they decided to take the chance that they might be creating a monster....but as you see it worked out quite well for us...."
"Alex.....Alexis....listen come home with me.....I'm incredibly wealthy from that ship full of diamonds I brought back last time.....come with me and we'll fill the cargo holds again and we'll be the richest couple in the universe!!!!!"
"Couple!!!! I could never marry a worm like left us here to were only concerned about yourself!!!! Besides....I'm already Scraps!!!"
"But....that's unnatural...."
"He was the only other earthling on this planet and we came to love each other more and more...."
" you....oh my god that's sick!!!!"
"Oh I our love is pure....besides do you remember when we were on the ship and Scraps used to like to hump your leg?"
"Yes I remember the filthy little....aaaaack!"
"Well you see the thing is....even though they've made quite the man out of our little Scraps....and I do mean quite the man.....he simply doesn't like girls....I promised him that if you ever came back he could have you....."
A soft growl in his ear....."I don't just want your leg anymore!!!!!"
The laughter and howls brought many spectators who all politely applauded!!!!

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