Thursday, January 24, 2019

Missed Opportunities

You know how sometimes you only realize long afterward that you misread a situation completely and missed a fantastic opportunity....
I had told her about my crossdressing when we were on our second date and as opposed to most of the girls I had dated in college she didn't laugh or get angry or anything.....and we had a wonderful time....she invited me to come by her off-campus apartment for dinner the next night and I readily agreed!!!
When I arrived I found that she had two roommates and they were both all smiles when they were introduced to me....
After dinner my date excused herself to change into something more was alright with me because I was doing the dishes and wouldn't be done for a few minutes...
She came back with her friends and they had all stripped down to their undies and they invited me to join them.....if I didn't have panties on, they said I could borrow some of theirs!!!! After all, they said, we're all girls here!!!!!
I should have jumped at the chance.....I should have gotten down on my knees and offered to service every one of them right there!!!!
Instead I got angry.....angry that she had shared my secret with them....angry that I was exposed....frightened to death that my dirty secret would be all over campus by tomorrow....and I stormed out and never spoke to her again....
What a fool I was.....but a few months later I connected with the girl I would marry and so maybe my act of pure stupidity actually worked out for the best....
But sometimes....late at night.....I wonder about it....and it makes me ache to stroke my little clit, but my wife has wisely locked it away!!!!


  1. Omg I was when reading and still am quivering, this is the best story you've wrote, and it's your life how great is that.
    All my love to both of you and keep CV it going

  2. My beloved would say everything happens for a reason, but I think we all wonder "what if?" or "if only?" about experiences like that.