Tuesday, January 1, 2019


"Well Dee Kaaren did say she was thankful that we thought of her this holiday season..."
"I know Sally....I'm pretty sure she never imagined that we would be using her as our slut like this for the holiday!!!!
"I don't know.....I get the idea that she might have known our little plan all along!!!"
"Yeah....you're probably right....I mean....calling her a slut only encourages her!!!!"
"She may be a Sissy Slut....but today she's our Sissy Slut....want to switch sides?"
"I thought you'd never ask!!!!"


  1. If you think I'm going to put an artificial cock in your ass, you are sadly mistaken! You'll definitely et the real thing .. no by-products and no fillers! Well, I mean, it will FILL your ass! Just 100 percent pure unadulterated Dee. Well, I'm a bit adulterated!

    And I don't think Sally minds sharing!

    1. I really wouldn't hope for anything less than 100% pure unadulterated Dee!!!
      Sally's welcome in anytime too!!!