Monday, January 7, 2019

TV Guide - The Brady Bunch - the Lost Episodes

Marcia and all the girls from the Davey Jones Fan Club were shocked when they found her brother Greg lying on the patio wearing a bra and panties!!!!
"Greg!!! Is that my underwear you're wearing!!!"
Greg who had been lost in his favorite fantasy was shocked when he opened his eyes and found all those girls staring at him....
"Marcia!!!! I wasn't expecting soon....I wasn't expecting you so soon.....I was going to run through your meeting like a know....a joke...."
"Well that's not funny go put my things in the laundry....we're trying to have an important fan club meeting here...."
Some of the girls nodded but a few of them were enjoying seeing Marcia's big brother in those tight little panties....and very few of them believed his explanation, after all, most of them had nosy brothers too....
Just then they all heard Jan call out from the kitchen....
"Greg, I found Mom's vibrator....but I couldn't find the you think butter would be OK?"
After a moment Marcia called out....
"Yes Jan....bring me the butter I'm sure it'll be OK!!!"
"Oh no, it's Marcia Marcia Marcia!!!!"

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