Monday, January 28, 2019

Monday ManCandy

You know those mornings when the ultra-girl inside you is in charge...when all you can think of is being as feminine as can be....
Well as all of us who've done it know, being a girl is hard and nails....lingerie and makeup....pretty dress and matching shoes....and you need to pull it all together even before sunrise so you're ready to face the day proudly!!!!
There's only one thing you can do....there's only one fuel to get your feminine engine running at full speed.....creamy hot....sliding down inside your throat....coating and filling you with inner warmth....making you smile!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Making you as hot inside as you look outside!!!


  1. Forget what they told you about milk. ManCandy is what does a body good. ;)

  2. Oh! My Monday Morning Man Candy! So worth getting all dolled up today! What a yummy reward!